KLM 系列产品型录

13⁄32˝ x 1-1⁄2˝ 600Vac/dc Fast-acting supplemental fuses
Catalog symbol / color code
KLM - Black (600Vac/dc maximum voltage)


Class: Supplemental

• A full range DC midget fuse.
• Melamine tube.
• Nickel-plated brass endcaps.

Dimensions: 13⁄32” x 1 1⁄2” (10.3 X 38.1mm).

Volts: 600Vac/dc
Amps: 1⁄10-30A
IR: 100kA AC: 50kA DC

Agency Information: CE, UL Listed: STD. 248-14, (FILE #E19180, GUIDE #JDYX), CSA Certified, C22.2 NO. 248. 14 (CLASS #1422-01, FILE #53787).

Features and Benefits
• Full range, fast-acting, 600Vac/dc midget fuse.
• Minimum interrupting rating or 200% rated current at 600Vdc.

Typical Applications
• DC Control Circuits Requiring Fast-Acting Fuses.
• Solar power energy sources.

Catalog Symbol and Amps


Designed To:

Fuses:KLM 1/10 thru 30
KLM 1/10 thru 30Carry 110% of rating for 4 hours
AC Opens at 135% of rating within 1 hour
AC Maximum Interrupting Rating of 100kA at 600Vac
DC Maximum Interrupting Rating of 50kA at 600Vdc
DC Minimum Interrupting Rating of 200% rated current at 600Vdc

Carton Quantity and Weight

Amp RatingsCarton Qty.Weight

制造商零件编号:KLM-* 系列 :KLM系列,快速熔断器 电流 :31⁄10-30A 电压 :600Vac/dc 尺寸 :13⁄32” x 1 1⁄2” (10.3 X 38.1mm) 分断容量 : - 100kA AC - 50kA DC 认证 :CE, ROHS,UL ,CSA 包装 :原厂包装( 10PCS)